forklift safety lights

Main Product

  • Laser Beam Forklift Red Zone Light
  • Forklift Laser Alignment System
  • Overhead Crane Warning Light
  • Blue/Red/Arrow Spot Light
  • Rotating Strobe Beacon  Warning System
  • Safety Sensor
  • Proximity Detection Systems

  • Safety Lights & Signs
  • Safety Lifting Equipment
  • Safety Tips & Info

“Use lights to warn pedestrians of approaching forklifts and mark the danger zones around them”

What my clients say

How safety light has changed warehouse safety? Hear from our newest members.

We put them on the front and back of all of our forklifts. They work great and they are easy to install and will help everyone in the plant to be save.
Claire Sumner
buy spot safety light
All I receive is positive feed back on how much safer it is to walk around in the warehouse because now pedestrians can see the blue light on the floor proceeding the forklift.
Ed Rivera
buy blue spot light
These are very bright. Even at 15′ away the blue light is highly visible with little fading. I’m now installing these all the sides as well. These come with color coded wires.
Silvia Cruz
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