Forklift Warning Red Danger Led Zone Light

LED Zone light creates a visible zone of danger around forklifts and make the working environment more safe.


Led Zone Light

Given that LED ZONE LIGHT have been installed at forklift trucks, three signs of “safe distance will be illuminated at the left, right and back of forklift trucks. The objective of this is to display the area of “safe distance” more intuitively, raising the level of visualization, and reminding pedestrians to consider the safe distance between them and forklift trucks. Meanwhile, when forklift drivers are close to forklift trucks, the Zone light will illuminate at them, to remind them to switch off the power and lift up the hand brake(to step at the foot pedal brake simultaneously).

Blue Safety light:

The Red Zone can also be combined with our MXBL10W Forklift Blue Spot Lights, to create a complete pedestrian safety system for your facility.

The light is popular in USA, But assemble in China.


Led red zone light specification:

6PCS OSRAM  high power LEDs

Voltage: 10~80V DC

Color:  Red or Blue for optional

Life Time: >50000 Hours

Working Temperature: -45 ~85°C

Light Resource: HIGH POWER LED


Application: Forklift, heavy-duty machine for safety zone

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